The Revelation

Let’s recap what the revealed Jesus is showing and telling John as John worships God on the island of Patmos. John has been exiled to this island for declaring the gospel, The Truth of Jesus Christ, Savior and Lord. While relentlessly worshiping His Lord, an angel is sent to REVEAL Jesus along with hope, life, and a string of “no mores” for those who believe and stand firm though the Tribulation. This hope of glory, The Victor over our constant Tempter and Destroyer, stays with believers, even pitches a tent for those who remain firm in faith.

Because they have been cleansed by the blood of the Lamb, they get to stand around the Throne of God! No more hunger, thirst, scorching heat for the Lamb, Himself will lead them to Living Water of Life forever. AND God, Himself will wipe every last tear from their eyes! No more, yes no more that hurts us and everything that gives us peace. This is pure worship of the One and Only who gives us all we need as the Great Shepherd. The Great I AM is our Lord.

Next in importance to the Lamb Himself is the sealed book. Who can possible open the book? None, save One. He “has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and it’s seven seals”. Christ prevailed in the wilderness after forty days. He prevailed in Gethsemane. On Calvary He prevailed when He dropped His divine head on His pulse-less breast ad said, “it is finished” (John 19:30). On the third day He arose form the dead and conquered death, sin, hell and Satan. This same Christ now claims the Kingdom of the world by right of conquest.

“The day of tribulation begins with the opening of the seven seals (chapter 6). This describes the Great Tribulation period spoken of by the prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 30 as the “time of Israel’s sorrow.” Christ also referred to it as the great tribulation such as has never happened upon the earth (Matthew 24:21).

During the Great Tribulation, God will allow sin to work out its tragic results. God’s hand will be lifted from humans and beasts. The earth will be filled with war, hunger, famine and pestilence. Judgment must come on those who have rejected the Son of God and put Him to an open shame. We as Christians can look for Christ, not for calamity, because our Savior is coming to receive us to Himself and free us from this day.” (Mears, What the Bible is All About)

In chapter six we read and see the famous “four horsemen”. Restraint is removed as the seals are broken. The forces of evil have been held in check. When the seals are torn away, war and destruction are set loose. People will reap what they have sown. The anguish and horror of the period will be the result of human ambition, hatred and cruelty.

Now we read in chapter 7 that there is a momentary pause while the saved of the tribulation period are presented. These are “a great multitude” with their garments washed and made white in the blood of the Lamb. The “sealed ” are all Israelites–whom God will gather unto Himself (Hosea 1:9-10); Romans 11;25-26). The “great multitude” is from all nations. This proves that the gospel preached in the tribulations period will be most effective! Let’s us NOT grow weary of telling the Truth of Jesus Christ!

Revelation 7, The Message

The Servants of God
7 Immediately I saw Four Angels standing at the four corners of earth, standing steady with a firm grip on the four winds so no wind would blow on earth or sea, not even rustle a tree.

2-3 Then I saw another Angel rising from where the sun rose, carrying the seal of the Living God. He thundered to the Four Angels assigned the task of hurting earth and sea, “Don’t hurt the earth! Don’t hurt the sea! Don’t so much as hurt a tree until I’ve sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads!”

4-8 I heard the count of those who were sealed: 144,000! They were sealed out of every Tribe of Israel: 12,000 sealed from Judah, 12,000 from Reuben, 12,000 from Gad, 12,000 from Asher, 12,000 from Naphtali, 12,000 from Manasseh, 12,000 from Simeon, 12,000 from Levi, 12,000 from Issachar, 12,000 from Zebulun, 12,000 from Joseph, 12,000 sealed from Benjamin.

9-12 I looked again. I saw a huge crowd, too huge to count. Everyone was there—all nations and tribes, all races and languages. And they were standing, dressed in white robes and waving palm branches, standing before the Throne and the Lamb and heartily singing:

Salvation to our God on his Throne!
Salvation to the Lamb!
All who were standing around the Throne—Angels, Elders, Animals—fell on their faces before the Throne and worshiped God, singing:

Oh, Yes!
The blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving,
The honor and power and strength,
To our God forever and ever and ever!
Oh, Yes!
13-14 Just then one of the Elders addressed me: “Who are these dressed in white robes, and where did they come from?” Taken aback, I said, “O Sir, I have no idea—but you must know.”

14-17 Then he told me, “These are those who come from the great tribulation, and they’ve washed their robes, scrubbed them clean in the blood of the Lamb. That’s why they’re standing before God’s Throne. They serve him day and night in his Temple. The One on the Throne will pitch his tent there for them: no more hunger, no more thirst, no more scorching heat. The Lamb on the Throne will shepherd them, will lead them to spring waters of Life. And God will wipe every last tear from their eyes.”

What do we learn? Plenty!
–Jesus is our Victor!
–Jesus is the Lamb who was slain for our sin and the Only One who is our Conqueror. We are conquerors because of Jesus!
–Even in the Tribulation, preach Jesus!

no more tears

Dear Heavenly Father, Our hearts, minds and souls are overwhelmed at Your glimpse of Your Glory and our revealed future with You. No more suffering in watching our loved ones die, no more tears of anguish, no more pain or sting of death, no more hunger or thirst. I can truly only imagine now, but I believe and trust in You, our One and Only! In Jesus Name, Amen

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Randy and Susan co founded Finding Focus Ministries in 2006. Their goal as former full time pastors, is to serve and provide spiritual encouragement and focus to those on the "front lines" of ministry. Extensive experience being on both sides of ministry, paid and volunteer, on the mission fields of other countries as well as the United States, helps them bring a different perspective to those who need it most. Need a lift? Call us 260 229 2276.
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