Revelation – Jesus IS Coming Back!
“How can life get much worse?” “Just how bad will things get?” “How much more sin and degradation will God tolerate?” “How much more can evil invent and dish out?” I have heard these statement and more with a similar theme. We see the horrible actions of humans to other humans in real life, not just in the imaginations of movie producers, and shake our heads in disgust and sickness. Our hearts are broken.
Revelation 17 surpriseDoes this surprise you? Sin, unrestrained, is on a rampage now and in the future. BUT, God will step in. Life will get worse before it gets better. We must not take up residence in the middle of the revelation of Jesus Christ’s return and final battle with our enemy. Who walks out in the middle of the movie?
While we walk through each passage of John’s vision of things to come, don’t let it surprise you. Today we are reminded to “Don’t drop your guard. Use your head.” Don’t let anything surprise us. No matter what happens, God is in control. Nothing in our lives or in lives to come passes His notice. God will bring justice as only He can provide.
We will be tempted in all kinds of ways to turn away from God and compromise our lives through disobedience and distractions. If do not use our heads and let down our guard sin will quickly present itself in all kinds of ways. It will begin in small ways at first and then our disobedience will escalate to sin that seems out of our control. Suddenly we will be controlled by others. We are captured and bound by our own sin and satan who led us there.
Does this surprise you?
Those who turn their focus and attention to evil “will be dazzled when they see the Beast that once was, is no longer, and is to come.” Does this surprise you?
What distracts us now from living God’s ways? What takes our focus off Him and onto things or people? Is our name in The Book of Life? It is if we have accepted, believe and follow Jesus as Savior and Lord. His salvation cannot be taken from us. Does this surprise us? It can if our focus is blocked by distractions.
“Don’t drop your guard. Use you head.” Need help?  Ask God for wisdom (skills for living life well with Him), and He will give it. He promised. Does this surprise you? It shouldn’t. He is God and we are not.
As we read the continuing saga of things to come, stay focused of WHO WAS, IS AND IS TO COME. It’s not over, yet.
Revelation 17, The Message
Great Babylon, Mother of Whores
1-2 One of the Seven Angels who carried the seven bowls came and invited me, “Come, I’ll show you the judgment of the great Whore who sits enthroned over many waters, the Whore with whom the kings of the earth have gone whoring, show you the judgment on earth dwellers drunk on her whorish lust.”
3-6 In the Spirit he carried me out in the desert. I saw a woman mounted on a Scarlet Beast. Stuffed with blasphemies, the Beast had seven heads and ten horns. The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, festooned with gold and gems and pearls. She held a gold chalice in her hand, brimming with defiling obscenities, her foul fornications. A riddle-name was branded on her forehead: great babylon, mother of whores and abominations of the earth. I could see that the woman was drunk, drunk on the blood of God’s holy people, drunk on the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.
Revelation 17, don't hide6-8 Astonished, I rubbed my eyes. I shook my head in wonder. The Angel said, “Does this surprise you? Let me tell you the riddle of the woman and the Beast she rides, the Beast with seven heads and ten horns. The Beast you saw once was, is no longer, and is about to ascend from the Abyss and head straight for Hell. Earth dwellers whose names weren’t written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world will be dazzled when they see the Beast that once was, is no longer, and is to come.
9-11 “But don’t drop your guard. Use your head. The seven heads are seven hills; they are where the woman sits. They are also seven kings: five dead, one living, the other not yet here—and when he does come his time will be brief. The Beast that once was and is no longer is both an eighth and one of the seven—and headed for Hell.
12-14 “The ten horns you saw are ten kings, but they’re not yet in power. They will come to power with the Scarlet Beast, but won’t last long—a very brief reign. These kings will agree to turn over their power and authority to the Beast. They will go to war against the Lamb but the Lamb will defeat them, proof that he is Lord over all lords, King over all kings, and those with him will be the called, chosen, and faithful.”
15-18 The Angel continued, “The waters you saw on which the Whore was enthroned are peoples and crowds, nations and languages. And the ten horns you saw, together with the Beast, will turn on the Whore—they’ll hate her, violate her, strip her naked, rip her apart with their teeth, then set fire to her. It was God who put the idea in their heads to turn over their rule to the Beast until the words of God are completed. The woman you saw is the great city, tyrannizing the kings of the earth.”
Revelation 17 Jesus
Dear Heavenly Father,
You are God and we are not. You loved us first, you love us still. I love you with all my heart, mind and soul. We are assured that we will live with you forever. Lead us away from the temptations of following anyone but You or to be distracted by the events and people of our time. Show us Your will and your ways continually as we focus our eyes on you, ready to be and do all you intended for us as your people.
In Jesus Name, Amen
Revelation 17 no surprise
All of these and the hundreds of other prophecies about the rise of the antichrist serve to do at least two things: Warn of what is coming so we will not be taken by surprise.

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