Psalms – Prayers of Honesty

Psalm 34 doors“Let’s Make a Deal” is a game show that offers doors to choose at the end of the game. As you play and win, you earn the right to choose what is behind Door #1, #2 or #3. Behind two of the doors are fabulous prizes. Behind the remaining door is not much of a prize but a joke. You probably have seen the show many times with Monty Hall as the host who tries to help people decide what to choose.

Psalm 34 decisionsWhat if you were given a door to open that was, without doubt the best prize ever? AND, what if you were told which door it is so you cannot lose? AND what if, when the door is opened it brought you all that is best for you forever? Wait, what???

Psalm 34 God's goodness

Yes! All we have to do to open this door is worship the One and Only God Who opens the door to all His goodness and benefits of knowing and following Him! I know, right?

Read and look for all the ways God provides for us when we worship Him who created us and knows us by name…


Psalm 34, The Message
A David Psalm, When He Outwitted Abimelech and Got Away

Psalm 34 ever praiseI bless God every chance I get;
my lungs expand with his praise.

2 I live and breathe God;
if things aren’t going well, hear this and be happy:

3 Join me in spreading the news;
together let’s get the word out.

4 God met me more than halfway,
he freed me from my anxious fears.

5 Look at him; give him your warmest smile.
Never hide your feelings from him.

6 When I was desperate, I called out,
and God got me out of a tight spot.

7 God’s angel sets up a circle
of protection around us while we pray.

Psalm 34 blessed8 Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see—
how good God is.
Blessed are you who run to him.

9 Worship God if you want the best;
worship opens doors to all his goodness.

10 Young lions on the prowl get hungry,
but God-seekers are full of God.

Psalm 34 cry out11 Come, children, listen closely;
I’ll give you a lesson in God worship.

12 Who out there has a lust for life?
Can’t wait each day to come upon beauty?

13 Guard your tongue from profanity,
and no more lying through your teeth.

14 Turn your back on sin; do something good.
Embrace peace—don’t let it get away!

15 God keeps an eye on his friends,
his ears pick up every moan and groan.

16 God won’t put up with rebels;
he’ll cull them from the pack.

17 Is anyone crying for help? God is listening,
ready to rescue you.

Psalm 34 crushed18 If your heart is broken, you’ll find God right there;
if you’re kicked in the gut, he’ll help you catch your breath.

19 Disciples so often get into trouble;
still, God is there every time.

20 He’s your bodyguard, shielding every bone;
not even a finger gets broken.

21 The wicked commit slow suicide;
they waste their lives hating the good.

22 God pays for each slave’s freedom;
no one who runs to him loses out.


Psalm 34 everythingDid you get the last line…”NO ONE who runs to Him loses!” Open the door to God’s protection in emotional and spiritual battles with the evil one. Open the door to encouragement when broken into pieces by life. Open the door to provisions when you have run out of all options. Open the door to value and significance because Jesus died for our sin and redeemed us for a forever life with Him. Open the door to keeping it together through good times and rough times.

“Worship God if you want the best;
worship opens doors to all his goodness!”


“If your heart is broken, you’ll find God right there;
if you’re kicked in the gut, he’ll help you catch your breath.”

Worship of God even when we don’t “feel” like it, (especially when we don’t feel like it) brings God into our life stuff with peace and a joy that cannot be stolen from us. Why, because He’s been there all the time. We just need to acknowledge Him and lean on Him so we can catch our breath and feel His strength running through our veins once more.

Are you going through a time like this right now? Is you heart broken? Are you ready to open the door to God with worship of Him and let Him restore the joy of HIS salvation in you? Worship God. Open the door to all His goodness. You won’t regret it. You will only wonder why you didn’t worship Him with an open door to your own heart sooner.

“Come, children, listen closely;
I’ll give you a lesson in God worship.”

Open doors to God’s goodness depend on the open door to our hearts. How sincere and honest are we when we worship the God of all? When God is all we have, God is all we need. Worship God. Open door #1! The Only One!

Psalm 34 thank you


Dear Heavenly Father,
YOU are God and we are not. You alone are the Giver of life abundant. You are all I need. You are the One and Only I trust with all of life. You are my Redeemer, Deliverer, and Lord. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
In Jesus Name, Amen

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Randy and Susan co founded Finding Focus Ministries in 2006. Their goal as former full time pastors, is to serve and provide spiritual encouragement and focus to those on the "front lines" of ministry. Extensive experience being on both sides of ministry, paid and volunteer, on the mission fields of other countries as well as the United States, helps them bring a different perspective to those who need it most. Need a lift? Call us 260 229 2276.
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