Psalms – Prayers of Honesty
Psalm 58 one friendWho can you count on when trouble comes? Who can you call when you just need to talk it out? When we really stop to think about it we narrow our family and friends down to just a few, maybe just one other person on this earth that we would completely trust with our momentary feeling and frustrations. That trusting person, for me, is usually one who also relies on God’s voice and what He has to say. Who is that for you?
We have to be careful of “our person” that we tell everything to for they are as human as we are. It is not fair to expect them to be God to you. That is too much for them to bear if we rely on only them for the answers to our troubles. And vice versa. It is always good to hear, “Susan, I can always count on you.” But I shuddered at the responsibility that is ultimately God’s.
Yes, Paul tells us to care for each other, to bear each others’ burdens, but a great listening friend will guide you back to God for the final answer. A great friend will prayer WITH you not just for you in seeking God’s will for your life. You return the favor by praying for revelation in what God wants for them, too.
David went straight to God. He had advisers and a few close friends, but it was only God he completely trusted. It was God he counted on for his rescue and salvation. We see that in his honest prayer to God today.
Psalm 59, The Message
A David Psalm, When Saul Set a Watch on David’s House in Order to Kill Him
Psalm 59 11-2 My God! Rescue me from my enemies,
defend me from these mutineers.
Rescue me from their dirty tricks,
save me from their hit men.
3-4 Desperadoes have ganged up on me,
they’re hiding in ambush for me.
I did nothing to deserve this, God,
crossed no one, wronged no one.
All the same, they’re after me,
determined to get me.
4-5 Wake up and see for yourself! You’re God,
God-of-Angel-Armies, Israel’s God!
Get on the job and take care of these pagans,
don’t be soft on these hard cases.
Psalm 59 deliverer6-7 They return when the sun goes down,
They howl like coyotes, ringing the city.
Then suddenly they’re all at the gate,
Snarling invective, drawn daggers in their teeth.
They think they’ll never get caught.
8-10 But you, God, break out laughing;
you treat the godless nations like jokes.
Strong God, I’m watching you do it,
I can always count on you.
God in dependable love shows up on time,
shows me my enemies in ruin.
11-13 Don’t make quick work of them, God,
lest my people forget.
Bring them down in slow motion,
take them apart piece by piece.
Let all their mean-mouthed arrogance
catch up with them,
Psalm 59 strengthCatch them out and bring them down
—every muttered curse
—every barefaced lie.
Finish them off in fine style!
Finish them off for good!
Then all the world will see
that God rules well in Jacob,
everywhere that God’s in charge.
14-15 They return when the sun goes down,
They howl like coyotes, ringing the city.
They scavenge for bones,
And bite the hand that feeds them.
16-17 And me? I’m singing your prowess,
shouting at cockcrow your largess,
For you’ve been a safe place for me,
a good place to hide.
Strong God, I’m watching you do it,
I can always count on you—
God, my dependable love.
Psalm 59 I can rely
It is not fair to expect our friends, advisers, mentors, family members to be God for us. That is too much for them. Only God knows what is truly best for every situation. Depend on God. Trust God, even when you don’t understand what is going on. Look to God. Focus on how He works. Be ready to be still, move forward, retreat and wait and then follow what He says. He shows up in His time, the best time. You can count on it. Every. Time.
“Strong God, I’m watching you do it,
I can always count on you.
God in dependable love shows up on time,
shows me my enemies in ruin.”
“Strong God, I’m watching you do it,
I can always count on you—
God, my dependable love.”
Psalm 59 refugeThere is a reason David’s chorus is repeated in this prayer psalm to God. We need to stop gazing, wallowing, and wondering in the midst of trouble and deep problems and look up and around to see how God is going to work. We can learn a lot just by watching God do it. The more trusting we are of God the more our faith is bolstered and secured in God for the next challenging situation in life. We learn that our temporary setbacks, problems and situations are small in comparison to our magnificent, glorious God. He is GOD, we are not. Our friends are not.
The focus of the psalm is on God–the Deliverer (vv. 1-9) and the Judge (vv. 10-17). Note David’s repeated chorus, “I can always count on you” is his “statement of faith” in verses 9 and 17. David waited and watched for God to work, and then he sang praises to the Lord for His mercies.
Are you in the middle of a storm right now? Tell God how you feel then let God do His best work in and through you while bring His best solution to the situations. Know that God doesn’t always need you to solve your problems. (Think about that for a while.) He has done it for me. I KNOW He will do it for you. He loves us more than we can imagine. We are His and He is ours. Believe it. Marinate deeply in God’s love for us when we are perplexed and down.
David praised God before the solution came. Why? Because David knew that the answer to his problems with Saul would not be too far away from his prayer and praise of trust and faith in God. God is the One and Only that we can always count on. Believe it.
Do you? Do you believe without a doubt that God is in control and has a plan? Where is your focus? On the problem or on the God we can count on, trust and believe?
Psalm 59 light
As we are watching God do His best work, people who don’t know God yet are watching you. Wait, what? Yep. Our best witness might be how we react to troubles and temporary setbacks. Mm. What are we teaching them about God?
Psalm 59 my love for God
Dear Heavenly Father,
There is so much you are saying about you “between the lines” of David’s prayer of honesty this morning. I love how you show us…YOU! I love You with all my heart, mind and soul. Thank you for reminding me that I can ALWAYS count on you! Always. Forever!
In Jesus Name, Amen

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