Exodus – God’s Way Out
Exodus 11 redeemedOur plague of corona virus has caused most of us to reconsider life purpose and importance and what it means to give all of ourselves to God. Life comes from God and returns to God for all who believe. We believe that His Son, Jesus Christ, came to earth to die for our sins and rose again to prove, without doubt, the power of God. God also proves is relentless love for us. God first in all thinking and behaving should be our life song and our lifestyle.
People who need God are looking back at us who know God to see how we are reacting to this world crisis where some are taking it seriously and some are “partying while Rome burns” as Nero did in ancient history. They will be looking for the reaction our faces. What will they see, fear or peace?
Exodus 11 Gods clear distinctionNotice how God makes a clear distinction between His people and the Egyptians, once again, in our passage for today. This time, death is the plague that will strike the hearts of every Egyptian from slave to Pharaoh. No one will be passed over EXCEPT those who obey EXACTLY what God will tell His people to do.
Chapter 11 is only part one of the God’s instruction to Moses telling Pharaoh what will happen next is he does not give in. This plague of death will also be the final chance for Pharaoh to make a decision between two choices:
Obey the God of all and let God’s people go or keeping believing in his own power on earth which is painfully limited.
Exodus 11 a plagueWe are faced with two choices daily. Who will we follow heart, mind and soul? Who will we trust with everything? Who will supply our needs and helps through troubles in this world? Who gives peace in trying times and wisdom for living life well? WHO will show us the WAY OUT?
Who do we choose? God’s best with life forever or Satan’s worst that ends in death?
Who we choose to follow, what we believe and who we obey affects everyone around us.
Are obeying the laws of our leaders seriously to avoid the spread of this virus? What we do affects others.
God will show His glory, power and strength to and in us who believe. He made a clear distinction then of who His people were and He will it now in the way His believers react to trouble. Watch and listen.
Exodus 11, The Message
Strike Ten: Death
God said to Moses: “I’m going to hit Pharaoh and Egypt one final time, and then he’ll let you go. When he releases you, that will be the end of Egypt for you; he won’t be able to get rid of you fast enough.
2-3 “So here’s what you do. Tell the people to ask, each man from his neighbor and each woman from her neighbor, for things made of silver and gold.” God saw to it that the Egyptians liked the people. Also, Moses was greatly admired by the Egyptians, a respected public figure among both Pharaoh’s servants and the people at large.
Exodus 11 speak Gods heart4-7 Then Moses confronted Pharaoh: “God’s Message: ‘At midnight I will go through Egypt and every firstborn child in Egypt will die, from the firstborn of Pharaoh, who sits on his throne, to the firstborn of the slave girl working at her hand mill. Also the firstborn of animals. Widespread wailing will erupt all over the country, lament such as has never been and never will be again. But against the Israelites—man, woman, or animal—there won’t be so much as a dog’s bark, so that you’ll know that God makes a clear distinction between Egypt and Israel.’
8 “Then all these servants of yours will go to their knees, begging me to leave, ‘Leave! You and all the people who follow you!’ And I will most certainly leave.”
Moses, seething with anger, left Pharaoh.
9 God said to Moses, “Pharaoh’s not going to listen to a thing you say so that the signs of my presence and work are going to multiply in the land of Egypt.”
10 Moses and Aaron had performed all these signs in Pharaoh’s presence, but God turned Pharaoh more stubborn than ever—yet again he refused to release the Israelites from his land.
Exodus 11 idolThe tenth plague attacks the very heart of Egyptian faith, which was in life itself. The Egyptians were obsessed with keeping the good life of Egypt intact right into the next world.
What does our faith look like? What ever is in our hearts is reflected in our behavior, demeanor and actions. Do our reflect God’s peace and lead others to Him?
Though the Egyptian gods, who were after all carved representations, might fail, still, if life and the life force continue, then Egyptian faith could survive. When the Lord shows that even the continuation of life itself (as symbolized in the firstborn) is within his control, there is nothing left but to admit defeat. Though Pharaoh may never see Moses again, Pharaoh’s officials will; and far from loftily permitting the Israelites to leave, those officials will beg them to go.
Our choices matter to others and affects others.
Exodus 11 God protectsGETTING PERSONAL…
Being quarantined is not fun. Week three will be trying to all those in the household, especially now that we know we must stay inside with limited access to the outside world and our previous lifestyles.
How will we respond? Will we obey? Will we “go rogue”? Whatever choice we make affects all those around us.
Part Two tomorrow…
Exodus 11 obey
Dear Heavenly Father,
We realize your clear instructions to us in this passage…to obey is better than sacrifice. To come to you with sincere hearts of worship only for you is what you desire from us. You are a jealous God because of your deep love for us. Your jealousy arises when sin threatens our relationship with you and pulls from your protection and holy presence of safe haven. I get it.
Exodus 12 ChristYes, when we truly look at You, it makes us stop thinking about what we want and run to what You want, which is Your best for us. May our reaction to world troubles lead others to you. Help us, Lord to stay focused on you first and less on what is going on around us. Our lives depend on it.
In Jesus Name, Amen

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