Exodus – God’s Way Out!
Exodus 27 God's light
We are still live under a “stay in place” order from our government officials to protect the spread of a virus that is taking the lives of so many people. We pray for each family that lost a loved one to this painful disease that takes the breath of life away.
What is happening in us and through us in all of this? Who are we in this present trouble? Does the light of Christ still burn brightly? Has our Light of faith and hope dimmed?
Where is the altar in our homes, a quiet place to meet God on His terms with no distractions?
Is the Light of our salvation burning in our souls a determined, dedicated, devoted, holy practice in our own lives?
I ask myself these questions as I read the details God is giving His people for building an altar in which sacrifices will be made to cover the sins of His people properly and regularly. Even the tools for building have specifications. “To build, you must use bronze tools”. The people are to give pure olive oil to keep the lamps burning so the light will never fade in the sanctuary where God will meet man.
God asks for His people to give, create, retool and build their lives so He can come to them and be their God. And they, in turn, will be His people. A match made in heaven.
Exodus 27 altarExodus 27, The Message
The Altar
1-8 “Make an Altar of acacia wood. Make it seven and a half feet square and four and a half feet high. Make horns at each of the four corners. The horns are to be of one piece with the Altar and covered with a veneer of bronze. Make buckets for removing the ashes, along with shovels, basins, forks, and fire pans. Make all these utensils from bronze. Make a grate of bronze mesh and attach bronze rings at each of the four corners. Put the grate under the ledge of the Altar at the halfway point of the Altar. Make acacia wood poles for the Altar and cover them with a veneer of bronze. Insert the poles through the rings on the two sides of the Altar for carrying. Use boards to make the Altar, keeping the interior hollow.
Exodus 27 with God
The Courtyard
9-11 “Make a Courtyard for The Dwelling. The south side is to be 150 feet long. The hangings for the Courtyard are to be woven from fine twisted linen, with their twenty posts, twenty bronze bases, and fastening hooks and bands of silver. The north side is to be exactly the same.
12-19 “For the west end of the Courtyard you will need seventy-five feet of hangings with their ten posts and bases. Across the seventy-five feet at the front, or east end, you will need twenty-two and a half feet of hangings, with their three posts and bases on one side and the same for the other side. At the door of the Courtyard make a screen thirty feet long woven from blue, purple, and scarlet stuff, with fine twisted Exodus 27 oil oflinen, embroidered by a craftsman, and hung on its four posts and bases. All the posts around the Courtyard are to be banded with silver, with hooks of silver and bases of bronze. The Courtyard is to be 150 feet long and seventy-five feet wide. The hangings of fine twisted linen set on their bronze bases are to be seven and a half feet high. All the tools used for setting up The Holy Dwelling, including all the pegs in it and the Courtyard, are to be made of bronze.
Exodus 27 bring oil
20-21 “Now, order the Israelites to bring you pure, clear olive oil for light so that the lamps can be kept burning. In the Tent of Meeting, the area outside the curtain that veils The Testimony, Aaron and his sons will keep this light burning from evening until morning before God. This is to be a permanent practice down through the generations for Israelites.”
The lights were fed by oil especially prepared for the purpose of keeping the lights burning. Zachariah 4:1-4 informs us that the oil represented the Holy Spirit of God, without whose power we cannot glory Jesus Christ or effectively witness of Him. “Without Me”, says Jesus, “you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)
Exodus 27 anointedWhat was done by the priests in the sanctuary what done for the Lord and before the Lord. It mattered not what the people were ignorant of what the priest was doing, because God saw it all, and their task was to please Him.
The most important part of the Christian life is the part only God sees, and our conscience is clean before Him, then we don’t have to worry about what people think or say about us. He will accept our ministry and bless it.
Exodus lamps burning
Am I keeping the Light of Christ burning brightly with the pure oil of God’s Holy Spirit fueling the fire within me?
Am I consistently being Light in the darkness?
Can darkness overcome the Light of Christ? (No) The Light of Christ knows no darkness. His light comes into the dark places, dispelling the darkness altogether.
Ask His Holy Spirit to burn deep within you today. Keep the Light of Christ burning in your heart, mind and soul. Others will notice and wonder what you’ve got. Tell them.
Exodus 27 beDear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for Your Word that gives Light to our souls and teaches us who you are and what you have done, are doing and will do for your people. You have saved us. For that alone I am eternally grateful. You love us and care for us daily, hourly, with each breath we take. For that I am amazed at your compassion, glory and power. You are God, the One and Only. I worship you alone. Nothing is too hard for you. Absolutely nothing. Help me to carry Your Light always.
In Jesus Name, Amen

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