This very testimony of God’s testing of the faith of His people toward Him is why I entitled my daily blog, “Daily Manna with Your Mug”.  Let me share my testimony for just a hot minute.  Since September of 2013, God developed a routine in me for each day.  With sleep still in my eyes, I stumble into the kitchen to make coffee to pour into a large mug.  I also prepare a bowl with Cheerios.  I sit down at the laptop with my Bible and have “breakfast with Jesus”.  It has become a very sacred time for me.  I need help and God knows it.  I pray first, adoring Him, telling Him what everyone needs from him, asking for help for myself, then asking Him for what He wants from me for this day. 

Answers come from His Word and His Holy Spirit while reading a passage in the book of the Bible He has led me to for studying.  His Holy Spirit teaches, corrects, confronts, and encourages me.  He guides me to write down what might be helpful for someone else to be encouraged in their walk with God.  I am amazed what comes together each morning.  But greater still is the simple act of obedience, daily, which is what God is teaching His people in our passage today.  I cannot do these writings in advance or wait until tomorrow or the next to play “catch up”.  It just doesn’t work that way.  I’m compelled to get up, go to God in prayer, read and meditate, then write EACH morning.  Hence the blog’s name—DAILY MANNA.  God knows what I need and He provides.

There have been only a few times when I could not publish due to unforeseen circumstances but the process is always the same—daily.  Going to God daily is a test of our faithfulness to Him, giving Him all glory and praise for each new day that He has given to us, complete with all we need for each new day!  I love God with all my heart, mind and soul.  I love what He does in me and through me.  I pray that whoever reads this each day is blessed by our God, too.  To God be the glory for all He is and is doing in each one of our lives in Jesus Name.  To all who believe and claim Jesus as Lord, I pray for you each day!  To all who are thinking about believing, I pray compassionately for you!  God was, is and always will be the lover of our souls.  God loved us so much He gave…

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  John 3:16

You will have eternal life as a believer in Jesus, but don’t forget the daily life of communion with God that can be had right now, a life that is beyond our wildest dreams!  Wake up with God on your mind.  You’re certainly on His mind right now.  Ooh, yes and amen!  So, go grab your favorite mug, fill it with your daily coffee (or whatever else you drink) and dig in to God’s Word…it’s a daily thing…that’s “what it is”!

Exodus 16, The Message

1-3 On the fifteenth day of the second month after they had left Egypt, the whole company of Israel moved on from Elim to the Wilderness of Sin which is between Elim and Sinai. The whole company of Israel complained against Moses and Aaron there in the wilderness. The Israelites said, “Why didn’t God let us die in comfort in Egypt where we had lamb stew and all the bread we could eat? You’ve brought us out into this wilderness to starve us to death, the whole company of Israel!”

4-5 God said to Moses, “I’m going to rain bread down from the skies for you. The people will go out and gather each day’s ration. I’m going to test them to see if they’ll live according to my Teaching or not. On the sixth day, when they prepare what they have gathered, it will turn out to be twice as much as their daily ration.”

6-7 Moses and Aaron told the People of Israel, “This evening you will know that it is God who brought you out of Egypt; and in the morning you will see the Glory of God. Yes, he’s listened to your complaints against him. You haven’t been complaining against us, you know, but against God.”

Moses said, “Since it will be God who gives you meat for your meal in the evening and your fill of bread in the morning, it’s God who will have listened to your complaints against him. Who are we in all this? You haven’t been complaining to us—you’ve been complaining to God!”

Moses instructed Aaron: “Tell the whole company of Israel: ‘Come near to God. He’s heard your complaints.’”

10 When Aaron gave out the instructions to the whole company of Israel, they turned to face the wilderness. And there it was: the Glory of God visible in the Cloud.

11-12 God spoke to Moses, “I’ve listened to the complaints of the Israelites. Now tell them: ‘At dusk you will eat meat and at dawn you’ll eat your fill of bread; and you’ll realize that I am God, your God.’”

13-15 That evening quail flew in and covered the camp and in the morning there was a layer of dew all over the camp. When the layer of dew had lifted, there on the wilderness ground was a fine flaky something, fine as frost on the ground. The Israelites took one look and said to one another, man-hu (What is it?). They had no idea what it was.

15-16 So Moses told them, “It’s the bread God has given you to eat. And these are God’s instructions: ‘Gather enough for each person, about two quarts per person; gather enough for everyone in your tent.’”

17-18 The People of Israel went to work and started gathering, some more, some less, but when they measured out what they had gathered, those who gathered more had no extra and those who gathered less weren’t short—each person had gathered as much as was needed.

19 Moses said to them, “Don’t leave any of it until morning.”

20 But they didn’t listen to Moses. A few of the men kept back some of it until morning. It got wormy and smelled bad. And Moses lost his temper with them.

21-22 They gathered it every morning, each person according to need. Then the sun heated up and it melted. On the sixth day they gathered twice as much bread, about four quarts per person.

Then the leaders of the company came to Moses and reported.

23-24 Moses said, “This is what God was talking about: Tomorrow is a day of rest, a holy Sabbath to God. Whatever you plan to bake, bake today; and whatever you plan to boil, boil today. Then set aside the leftovers until morning.” They set aside what was left until morning, as Moses had commanded. It didn’t smell bad and there were no worms in it.

25-26 Moses said, “Now eat it; this is the day, a Sabbath for God. You won’t find any of it on the ground today. Gather it every day for six days, but the seventh day is Sabbath; there won’t be any of it on the ground.”

27 On the seventh day, some of the people went out to gather anyway but they didn’t find anything.

28-29 God said to Moses, “How long are you going to disobey my commands and not follow my instructions? Don’t you see that God has given you the Sabbath? So on the sixth day he gives you bread for two days. So, each of you, stay home. Don’t leave home on the seventh day.”

30 So the people quit working on the seventh day.

31 The Israelites named it manna (What is it?). It looked like coriander seed, whitish. And it tasted like a cracker with honey.

32 Moses said, “This is God’s command: ‘Keep a two-quart jar of it, an omer, for future generations so they can see the bread that I fed you in the wilderness after I brought you out of Egypt.’”

33 Moses told Aaron, “Take a jar and fill it with two quarts of manna. Place it before God, keeping it safe for future generations.”

34 Aaron did what God commanded Moses. He set it aside before The Testimony to preserve it.

35 The Israelites ate the manna for forty years until they arrived at the land where they would settle down. They ate manna until they reached the border into Canaan.

36 According to ancient measurements, an omer is one-tenth of an ephah.


The Israelites ate manna for forty years until they reached the Promised Land in an act of obedience to God who provided for them in the wilderness.

Until Jesus, Our Lord and Savior, God’s promise of eternal life, comes back to claim His own, feast on His Word daily!  It is by God’s Word and His Holy Spirit in us who teaches us to walk with Him in ways that go beyond our thinking!  Yes, that’s “what it is”!


Thank you for this time each morning! Thank you for listening to my words in prayer and to my heart in praying. Thank you for reminding us that you long to be with us daily.  I love how you linger with us through each day as you guide us to better thinking which leads us to better behaviors.  May we be with you before doing anything.

In Jesus Name, For Your Glory, Amen!

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Randy and Susan co founded Finding Focus Ministries in 2006. Their goal as former full time pastors, is to serve and provide spiritual encouragement and focus to those on the "front lines" of ministry. Extensive experience being on both sides of ministry, paid and volunteer, on the mission fields of other countries as well as the United States, helps them bring a different perspective to those who need it most. Need a lift? Call us 260 229 2276.
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  1. Amen! Thank you for this word. It blessed me.


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